1. parttimecynic asked: Your stuff is bitchin'. End of story.

    You give the best compliments I swear ……now stop making my head so big

    ……..no, who am I to tell you to stop get your groove on girl :)

  2. i keep my pockets empty so that when i take what i deserve i can feel the difference - bedtimebreakfast

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  3. chocoholicxxxo asked: cool photography ;)

    thank you :) 

  4. because your never where you want be 

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  5. run away as fast as you can 

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  6. oh i wish i can just believe in the words of people who burned women they accused of being witches if they could out smart a man 

    i wish my head was that empty 

    i wish you can fill it with your agenda do you know how stressful truth is 

    i wish i could need a leader so i can question him for not letting me question him 

    this one is broken - bedtimebreakfast

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  7. lensblr-network:

    some see the glass half full

    some cut their lips cause its broken

    thanks you lensblr :)

  8. i am not racist 

    my race lost and my stereotype plays old tape sets - bedtimebreakfast

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  9. mama im gonna live alot but im gonna die once 

    model - ohimsydney

    makeup - anthonyallennn

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  10. i use my first step like a death threat and then i walk hard 

    model - @ohimsydney

    makeup - @anthonyallennn

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  11. fighting for you when your hands hurt…if its time 

    fighting for you when your hands work…in my mind - bedtimebreakfast


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  12. tall buildings to die inside 

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  13. fucking with my pride so i run away and hide 

    fucking so hard we afraid to go outside - bedtimebreakfast

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  14. all this fever to get some glass on your finger 

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  15. one billion ideas in the same chair  

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